About the Game

Etrian Odyssey 3: The Drowned City was the first game in the series that radically redesigned how the game was played. Instead of a typical Stratum including five floors, it now included only four - which also reduces the depth of the Labyrinth itself as compared with other games.

Perhaps the most radical change to the game, however, was an added game feature. In addition to the tradition town and labyrinth set up, at a point in the game players gain ownership of a ship that they are then able to take out sailing on the sea. The ship and sea world act similar in some ways to its own labyrinth with various different rules on the abilities to move and the activities that can be performed. Like the labyrinth, there are FOEs and monsters to fight.

Not only is there a storyline even more complex than that of the Etrian Odyssey 2, but the game opens up a New Game+ when it has been beaten so that the player can attempt to travel another story branch of the game.

Key Game Features:

  • New array of mapping icons, including auto-play buttons to make backtracking through the labyrinth just a little bit easier.
  • Sea-based labyrinth adventuring
  • Entire new set of classes: Prince, Gladiator, Hoplite, Buccaneer, Ninja, Monk, Zodiac, Wildling, Arbalist, Farmer, Shogun, and Yggdroid
  • Ability to subclass after a certain point in the game.
  • Every character portrait has an alternate color set.
  • Locations to pitch a tent, thus creating a location to regenerate HP and TP.
  • Shopping restructured. Selling items does not unlock items for infinite re-purchasing. The monster drops must be sold to the store in the required quantities each time to be able to purchase the desired item.