Millennium Girl flaunts OST, Madhouse Animation to come

Author: Ex-Lurker, April 23, 2013

One thing you can trust about the news flow is that it never leaves you waiting for a full week.

This week, Atlus teases with a view of Millennium Girls Album cover. The tradition of releasing a short but sweet OST continues with the newest game in the series. We can expect to see this CD complete with rough outtakes of some of the musical pieces in the adventure and an assortment of eye candy artworks. If you speak Japanese you'll probably be enjoying this when the game is released on June 27th otherwise you'll just have to take this cover to hold you over.

We're also treated with news of Madhouses participation with Atlus on the opening animation of Millennium Maiden. No tastes of this yet but Madhouses vision of our charismatic dungeon crawler should be something to see in the coming weeks.

Madhouse is also behind Paranoia Agent, Highschool of the dead, and the Persona 4 Golden Arena opening, which greatly raises the expectation for extremely jive dancing to find it's way into Etrian Odyssey this entry.

If you want to see Frederica Shimmy, stick around. Otherwise, see you In The Labyrinth.


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