More Millennium Maiden: New Music, Japanese Pre-Orders, and a Director FAQ

Author: Ex-Lurker, April 15, 2013

The title says it all, you can find the new track here by clicking the "2" next to "sound on".

As well, you can find a list of Japanese sites offering Pre Orders at the link just below.

The song was released today along with a blog post in which the director, Komori, answers some questions about the new Etrian Odyssey game.

He states that voices are being done to enhance the world view and immersion, that the game will have options for those who just want to enjoy as well as those who remember the nail biting difficulty, and he says that this game will explore the secret of the Yggdrasil tree more so than the original DS version.

You can read it for yourself at the link.

That's all for now, stick around for more of the same.

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