Interactive EO Floor Maps

Author: Maxine MagicFox, February 2, 2009

Announcing the release of a big project that has been some time in the making. And there's still a lot of work to be done, but at least it is now in a position that we can work on these faster and get them out to you ASAP.

ItL now hosts it's Interactive Etrian Odyssey Maps. At the moment this is only for the first game, but as soon as we are done with the first game, we will be working on the second.

These maps are based off of Zaraf's own map projects and this was really his own idea. He gave me the project several months ago and I'm sorry that I have only now been able to release it to everyone. Please, enjoy them as they will become an integral part of all the site guides.

The maps include information on all FOEs as well as the ability to click on stairs and access the next floor (wonderful for those who get lost easy). Hopefully in the future we will also have FOE paths marked out, but at the moment this is not a feature.

Hopefully you will all enjoy them! And please, if you spot any errors, e-mail me immediately - DO NOT e-mail Zaraf.