SQ3 portraits now with color change!

Author: Maxine MagicFox, February 19, 2010

Reported by Nyleveia.com, the newest edition of Famitsu had even more Etrian Odyssey III information.

It seems that, while there are the four default portraits of all the classes, when selecting a portrait you are also able to use a toggle to change the color palette of those four portraits giving you four more to choose from. That brings the total of forty different portraits straight up to eighty! You can see an example of the color change for the Prince/Princess class in this full page scan.

And in the newest blog entry on the Official Etrian Odyssey 3 Developers Blog, battle designer Kakuichi mentions several technical changes they have made to the way battles work. Some of these include: allowing attacks to hit the whole party at one time, making the active attacker more obvious, and finally making each attack type (bash, pierce, and slash) more distinctive. - These changes have been added to our SQ3 List of Gameplay Changes.

We also have five new screenshots added to our image gallery. - Click here to view them.

And last, but not least, if you visit our forum and go to select an avatar from our gallery, you will notice that there is a new menu for "Third Game" that gives you avatars for all of the forty default character portraits in the game. You can also find them here. Enjoy!!

Finally some real data!

Author: Maxine MagicFox, February 17, 2010

After a restless night, you guys lucked out. I had nothing better to do on my computer than to sit and read all of the articles I had missed on Nyleveia.com and to compose the page that I've been working on for several months now.

I still do not think it is complete and that I'm missing a bunch of things but at least now this is up and I can update it quickly (which will help since I've got tests and projects coming up in my classes these next weeks). Here's to HOPING I can do a better updating job.

Without further ado: A List of Gameplay Changes in Etrian Odyssey III.

You know, we really shouldn't be calling it EO3 just yet since it's not been slated for release in America (yet). SQ3 is really the proper abbreviation. *Sigh* But, who's paying attention, I guess.

Also, I've updated the List of Important Names and Sites page with links to SQ3 websites. Yay for that, I guess.

91 images, 7 videos, and a treat!

Author: Maxine MagicFox, February 16, 2010

So, here we go. I apologize first for my obscure absence which I'm sorry to say doesn't look like the matter will improve any time soon. However, I will do the best I can.

For everyone's patience, I've got a special treat. On the Official Etrian Odyssey 3 website five soundtracks were released preview some of the sounds in the game. For those of you that are interested, you can not only listen to them now on our website, but they are now up for download in mp3 format. Enjoy - EOIII - Soundtracks and Other Songs

Now, down to business. I've added ninety one (yes, that's 91) images to the gallery. All albums in the Sekaiju no Meikyu 3 Gallery have been updated.

Before I move along, I would like to point all of you towards Nyleveia.com, the creator of many of the following images, and so far my own #1 stop for EO news (when I've had time to read it). All of the images that I have taken from their website are marked with a link to their site.

Let me break it down for you in a better manner. In the Screenshots gallery we have: 12 new images in the General Screenshots album and 8 new images in the Magazine Clippings album. - Click here to view them.

In the Official Artwork gallery we have: 1 new Boxart, 41 new Character artwork, 3 Enemies, 10 Miscellaneous, and 4 new Scenes. - Click here to view them.

In the Wallpapers gallery we have 4 new wallpapers added into each of the following three sizes: 1024x768, 1280x1024, and 1900x1200. - Click here to view them.

And last but not least, we have seven new youtube videos, all of them uploaded once again by Nyleveia.com, but taken off of the Official Etrian Odyssey 3 website. They can be viewed in our viewer over to the left. The following videos were added: New SQ3 Trailer, Ship System video, and Systems videos 3 through 4.3.

Also, I must offer my most sincere apology to Nyleveia.com and a bunch of my forumers. In the previous posts there was some questing about my sourcing methods. I thought that they were adequate, they did not think so. I hope to rectify this issue in this and future posts and also would like to remind viewers: I am not a gaming journalist - not yet (maybe one day). None of this news comes from me. I simply gather and collect and re-post it here. No, I'm not originator of any of this information. My sincerest apologies to anyone that may have felt wronged.