Official JP EO4 Site Open with Music

Author: Maxine MagicFox, February 27, 2012

So, apparently the Official Japanese Etrian Odyssey 4 website launched early. Head over there to view the scarce content that they have - all in Japanese, of course.

There is also a blog located at the far right end of their navigation bar, but again, all in Japanese and even put through a translator there didn't seem to be anything TOO fascinating. Just things we already know.

However, on the main website there are two preview tracks that play while you are reading. They are both very gorgeous pieces and I have snagged both of them to place them up on the site for download.

EO4 Preview Track #1

Download this File

EO4 Preview Track #2

Download this File

Enjoy! Remember to check back frequently. Between Sirth and myself we promise to keep you updated.

Etrian Odyssey IV announced

Author: SirthOsiris, February 23, 2012

Assuming direct control.

Maxine is a bit busy, so she made a call for new writers. I signed up.

And if you are wondering, this also coincides with some great news.

If anyone recalls, when the 3DS was announced, there was a massive list of possible games developers wanted to make for it. On that list, under Atlus, was Etrian Odyssey.

Yesterday, they finally formally announced Etrian Odyssey IV, to be released in Japan July 5th.

Information so far:

- 7 different classes with redesigns:

  • The swordsman is coming back in some form.
  • Medic is back, and looks like a different style of cute.
  • Fortress looks like this game's Protector, but wields hammers.
  • Rune Master sounds like we may be getting a real magic mage, rather than alchemy or astronomic math.
  • Nightseeker looks like an assassin of some kind.
  • Sniper is the archer, and seems to be this iteration's black-haired ronin.
  • Dancer might be the new bard, with a similar look and name.

- Monsters are now in 3D.
  • FOEs are not fuzzy balls anymore, and you can actually see them... charge at you and slash your jugular.

- Ships from 3 got replaced with a hot-air balloon. Might be we need to get to the tree this time?
- New 'Casual' difficulty for those not so good at these games. Normal is still there.
- Old staff is all here.
  • Yuji Himukai (character designer)
  • Shin Nagasawa (monster designer)
  • Yuzu Koshiro (sound)
  • Daisuke Kaneda is directing. He was originally the battle designer for EO1, and director for Trauma Team.

- Nizo Yamamoto, artist for Princess Mononoke, is doing the background art.
- According to Siliconera, a possible translation of the subtitle is "Legend of the Giant God."

Official EOIV Japanese Website

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