Famitsu Scan March 15th

Author: SirthOsiris, March 14, 2012

Got ourselves some new information courtesy Famitsu and Siliconera.

Pretty much, FOEs are able to fight you in the air, while in your balloon. Officially an outside of dungeon affair.
SE link also has some skills translated, mostly for what everyone can expect (Fortress protects, Medic heals, Swordsman drops defense for attack).

Scan 1
Scan 2

Scans mostly show the entire Swordsman, Medic and Fortress casts, and a sample of their skills.
FOEs can still be lured away still.
A little scan on the first page has a 'smaller' dungeon. Possibly while exploring, you can find these riddled about. SE says "previous items" will be in them, so possibly some shout outs to the first two.

New Trailer

Author: SirthOsiris, March 6, 2012

Link from Siliconera.

No real new info I think, except for some designs.