The Atlus Blog - New Site

Author: Maxine MagicFox, May 31, 2009

So, I know it's been, like, forever and a day ago since I've posted an update. Hopefully things will start to pick up. I've been hard at work on something that I think many many of you will really enjoy.

The Atlus (USA) Blog

This is my newest site, hosted by ItL and owned by both me and Archaic. On the website you can find information that Atlus USA has released in both e-mails, twitter, as well as a bunch of unreleased stuff, or stuff that is strictly from the JPN side of things.

Not only that but you will be able to find reviews and get our own general opinions. TAB is in no way a replacement for ItL. The news that is featured over there will not affect the news featured here and vice-versa. They are two different sites.

I hope to see you guys over there! Feel free to drop us a line!