Third Class, Casual Mode, and Overworld

Author: SirthOsiris, June 23, 2012

So what's new?

  • Third secret class has been revealed on the website. It's some kind of gun-blade set up, and so far has no name. If they overuse their abilities, the weapon apparently overheats, preventing use. Some skills do not cause this, and recover TP in the mean time. A design or two may look familiar.

  • Casual mode has been addressed. It's basically a permanent warp wire, followed up by no game over screens; you just return to town. So, Dark Souls, which we all know is the new standard when trying for challenge.

  • Some of the forum-goers have noticed that the balloon feature might actually be some kind of overworld. The stratums may be mini dungeons scattered about it, and more parts of the overworld open up after completing certain events. So far this is from one player and the demo.

  • Game is planned to be released July 5th. And yes, you read the above correctly, there is a demo. Don't know if I mentioned that before.

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