About the Game

Not much is yet known about this game currently scheduled for release this summer in Japan. So far the biggest announcement is that the game is not a new release in the series, but a remake of the first game: Sekaiju no Meikyu.

However, unlike the first game, and the rest of the games in the series, apparently there is no guild creating in the traditional sense. Instead we are given five pre-made characters, fully voiced, with set classes. These characters are "Hero", Frederica Irving, Simon Yorke, Arthur Charles, and Racoona Sheldon.

All of the graphics in the game have been re-worked, and now runs off of the Etrian Odyssey IV 3D engine - with the ability to look around.

So far, not much of the story is known, though we are promised that the story in Millennium Girl will be much more prevalent than in other titles.

Key Game Features:

  • Full voice acting
  • Reworked artwork designs from the first game
  • Five preset game characters with a personal skill set.

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