New Scans reveal Millennium Girl's "Classic" Mode

Author: Ex-Lurker, April 17, 2013

These new magazine scans bring news of Etrian Odyssey Millennium Girl's "Classic" mode where players can embark on an adventure sans Atlus' cast of main characters. Rather they choose a home made party all their own just like they remember from the original Etrian Odyssey... If only a little more beautiful or 3D.

Millennium Girl will also have the original music from the 2007 crawler and three difficulty levels ranging from picnic mode to Hard.

Atlus might be stretching to new grounds with this game but it's no company to disappoint it's fans. A number of Yggdrasil's explorers had gripes about the new cast of characters, but hopefully this news means that I'll be seeing a lot more of you in the Labyrinth.

This news, and these scans, come courtesy of a Chinese website you can dig around in for yourself here:

Props goes to forum user Snowdome for bringing us this gem of information.

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