Etrian Odyssey V and EO Mystery Dungeon Announced

Author: Maxine MagicFox, November 24, 2014

Etrian Odyssey V has been announced. The video is in Japanese so it's a mystery what it's about and there's no gameplay footage at all. One big mystery at this point. Nothing on the site, yet, but it is launched: Etrian Odyssey V

In addition to this, there is also the announcement of an Etrian Odyssey Mystery Dungeon:

On the youtube page it gives the date March 5th, 2015. Release date I would presume, but of course it's in Japanese.

If you don't know Mystery Dungeon or rogue-like adventures, this is a great time for you to brush up and find out. Mystery Dungeon has been a franchise all of its own and spawned Pokemon Dungeon.

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